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I have also retitled the book simply The R Primer (i.e., I dropped the "Stat 390") to reflect the fact that the book is being used for classes other than Stat 390.

Instructors: You are welcome to use this book in your courses. My only request is that you link to this site rather than to a local copy on your server. This will ensure you and your students always have access to the latest version and will (hopefully) cut down on the number of old versions cached by search engines.


You can download the latest full version of The R Primer below.

The R Primer

The date stamp for the latest full version is September 21, 2004 (look at the bottom of the first page). If the date stamp on your copy is older than that you are using an out-of-date version, please download the newest edition above.

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R Primer. Copyright, Christopher G. Green (cggreen AT, 2005, 2006.